Meet Our Team

34 Team Members
  • Colleen Tracy, D.D.S.

    Colleen Tracy, D.D.S.

    Restorative Dentist

    Dr. Colleen Tracy has worked in the dental field since 1975 and enjoys learning new techniques to provide her patients with the latest treatments.

  • Nicholas Galles, D.D.S.

    Nicholas Galles, D.D.S.


    Dr. Galles is a general dentist at Fox Dental.

  • Claire Israel, D.D.S.

    Claire Israel, D.D.S.


    She strives to provide the best dental care for her patients, the same way she’d take care of her own family members.

  • Bishoy Nasry, D.M.D.

    Bishoy Nasry, D.M.D.


    Dr. Bishoy Nasry is a native of Oregon and specializes in Endodontics.

  •  Patricia Nguyen, D.D.S.

    Patricia Nguyen, D.D.S.

    Patricia Nguyen, D.D.S.

    Dr. Patricia Nguyen's commitment to precision and caring approach makes her an integral part of our dental team.

  • Valerie Liebhaber, D.D.S.

    Valerie Liebhaber, D.D.S.


    Dr. Liebhaber passion for dentistry shines in her ability to connect with patients and educating them informed of their oral healthcare needs.

  • Nadar Tawakkol, D.D.S

    Nadar Tawakkol, D.D.S


    Dr. Nader takes great pride in his relaxed and approachable manner and spending time with patients to ensure they understand their treatment options.

  • Elizabeth Bell, D.D.S.

    Elizabeth Bell, D.D.S.


    Dr. Bell has extensive training and skills in restorative & cosmetic dental care.

  • Setareh Enghiad, D.D.S., MSc

    Setareh Enghiad, D.D.S., MSc

    DDS, MSc

    Dr. Enghiad is committed to improving her patients’ quality of life by enhancing their oral health.

  • Edith Lin, D.M.D., MS

    Edith Lin, D.M.D., MS


    Dr. Lin's goal is to provide evidence-based care for her patients to help them manage their periodontal health and achieve their dental goals.

  • Will Fernyhough, D.D.S., MSD

    Will Fernyhough, D.D.S., MSD


    Recognized as a leader in the field, Dr. Fernyhough employs his advanced expertise in periodontal and implant procedures.

  • Negin Nazarian, D.D.S.

    Negin Nazarian, D.D.S.

    Restorative Dentist

    Dr. Nazarian is a doctor of dental surgery who is known for her compassionate, warm demeanor, doctor-patient relationships, and quality results.