Mona Butani, D.M.D.

Meet Dr. Mona Butani

If you ask Dr. Mona Butani “Where are you from?” be prepared to chat for a few minutes. She was born in India, raised in England and Canada, and then moved to Hawaii to join her husband, where he was stationed in the military.

After Dr. Butani’s husband finished his military service, the pair fell in love with the Seattle area and decided to call it home. “It’s got a great mix of urban and suburban lifestyles, ethnic diversity, outdoor activities, and excellent opportunities for my children,” she says. Seattle’s professional opportunities were also very attractive. “Here, I am in the company of colleagues with similar professional values, and who practice the most up-to-date, cutting-edge dentistry available.”

When she’s not helping her patients get their oral health in check, she devotes a lot of time to keeping her children in check. “I try to put 100 percent of my attention to keeping my two little boys out of trouble.” Family is very important to Dr. Butani, and she treasures the days she can spend with them: playing in the park, riding bikes, or getting away for a dinner date with her husband.

Professionally and personally, she’s guided by the motto, “You can’t have improvement without change.” The quote inspires her to keep up with the latest changes in dentistry, and cope with the bittersweet feeling that her little boys are growing up.