How To Join

Our Mission

Better care. Better health. Better together. While some organizations talk about their mission statement, EviDent Alliance acts on ours every day. Our patient first & provider owned philosophy ensures a focus on better healthcare with industry best practices implemented at every level. At EviDent, we are proud to work together to deliver the best patient experience in the Dental Industry for our patients & providers.

Our Vision

Reimagine what's possible in dental excellence. And by reimagine, we took a fresh look at everything including the best methods for delivering a patient first experience from start to finish. From our Pre Care Experience to our Post Care Experience, you will find the EviDent Alliance has adopted these strategies as a core part of our organization, and we are proud of our thousands of satisfied customers.

Core Values

Doing the right thing, growth & development, measured excellence, camaraderie. The values we live by at EviDent Alliance are not negotiable. We take them very seriously. Fanatical customer support is impossible without well defined core values that are consistently applied throughout any large organization. And for this reason, our Core Values help define exactly how we will achieve our Mission & Vision.

The EviDent Founders

Evident Alliance’s founders had been collaborating as an Affiliation/GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) dating back to 2012 under the initial vision of Dr. Will Fernyhough and his operating dentist partners. The company recruited Brent Fernyhough to join the organization as its CEO and to expand the GPO services provided to their members while “seeking to give individual dentists a voice; to collaborate in a way to maintain the highest quality of care for our patients in an environment of reduced compensation from payors”…(Dr. Will Fernyhough, cofounder Evident Alliance). Brent’s passion for solving complex business problems allowed the company to successfully grow under the GPO model while providing a cohesive environment for dentists in Washington to flourish and receive some of the economies of scale of larger DSOs.

The EviDent Advantage

EviDent Alliance helps dentists be great dentists by efficiently managing the daily business activities for each dental practice. We are masters of practice management. So our many of our doctors, but together we can ensure that the daily distractions of running a small practice are handled by a team of professionals. The result is a better patient experience and better profit margins for the practice.

The EviDent Difference

Evident Alliance offers operational and management support to their affiliated dental practices in all non-clinical aspects of dentistry including staffing, human resources, patient scheduling, revenue cycle management, financial reporting and analysis, and marketing among various other support functions. The vision is to enable their associated dentists and specialists to focus exclusively on delivering high quality patient care while maintaining a stress-free environment unencumbered by the day-to-day tasks of practice management.